Community Members

Bridging Communities and Organizational Change

As an active community member – be it a parent, activist, or engaged citizen – your role is essential in shaping inclusive organizations. We partner with you to boost your influence, providing tools and guidance for advocating your community’s needs. We bridge community interests with organizational leadership, ensuring your efforts lead to meaningful change.

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We guide community members to effectively influence and collaborate, bridging their vision with organizational action.

Guidance and Support for Community Members

Understanding the vital influence community members hold, we focus on guiding and facilitating your efforts to shape responsive and inclusive organizational practices. Our role is to support you in effectively advocating for your community’s needs and aspirations.

Influence Leadership Selection

Learn how to actively participate in selecting new executive-level talent within organizations. We provide guidance on contributing to leadership profiles and influencing the executive selection process, ensuring your community's persecutive is heard.

Engage with Boards for Governance Excellence

Discover how to effectively collaborate with board members, ensuring your perspectives shape governance and decision-making. We'll show you ways to make your perspective count in fostering accountability and strategic decision-making within boards.

Elevate Leadership Within Organizations

Understand how you can advocate for and influence leadership development. We offer insights into promoting leadership programs and coaching that resonate with your community's values, driving growth from within organizations.

Shape the Strategic Vision of Organizations

Play a role in the strategic planning of organizations. We help you understand how your input can be crucial in shaping organizational vision and goals, ensuring that community interests are integral to the future.

Utilize Data for Community-Centric Decisions

Learn to interpret and leverage data to support your community's needs. We emphasize the importance of data-driven decisions in aligning organizational actions with the needs and aspirations of your community.

Champion Accountability in Organizations and Leaders

Understand how to hold organizations and leaders accountable to the community. We guide you in advocating for compliance, developing accountability frameworks, and ensuring actions align with community-centric strategic objectives. Your involvement is key to enhancing organizational integrity and excellence.

Elevate Organizational Impact through Community Advocacy

Your role as an engaged community member is pivotal in strengthening organizational leadership. Collaborate with us to:

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Sara Romes
Board member
Mano a Mano

Guiding Governance: Shane’s Impact

Shane Feldman was an important advisor to our Board as we navigated through a few challenges we were facing. His expertise and knowledge in Board governance and collaboration provided tools and strategies for us to pave a path forward. We would happily bring Shane back to work with our volunteer leaders again.