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We specialize in nurturing exceptional leaders and effective governance. Our dedicated services in executive evaluation, coaching, board governance, and leadership development are tailored to elevate your organization’s leadership potential and drive transformative success.

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We enhance your organization and community by aligning leadership excellence with your core mission and values.

Executive, Leadership, and Board Development Process

Our development services are dedicated to nurturing leaders and boards who make a lasting impact. We begin with in-depth organizational and leadership assessments, build comprehensive development plans, and engage in robust training and coaching processes.

Central to our approach is aligning leadership development with the organization and community’s needs, ensuring each program is tailored to foster leadership traits that resonate with your core values and objectives, creating a lasting, transformational effect.

Insight-Driven Leadership Enhancement

We implement comprehensive evaluation processes for executive leaders, gathering essential feedback from key constituents. Our method transforms this data into actionable recommendations, enhancing both the executive's effectiveness and the organization's performance.

Executive Leadership Guidance

Our executive coaching delivers personalized, professional guidance to leaders. We focus on nurturing their leadership skills and supporting them in achieving their professional aspirations, ensuring a tangible impact on their personal growth and organizational contribution.

Governance Excellence Catalyst

We enhance board decision-making and oversight capabilities. Our services include refining processes, promoting collaboration, and strengthening board-staff partnerships. The result is improved governance leading to more effective organizational outcomes.

Co-creating Leadership Pathways

Our leadership development program, designed for key organizational members, emphasizes expanding their leadership capabilities. Through this cohort-based approach, we deepen participants' knowledge, skills, and confidence, preparing them for advanced leadership roles.

Futuristic Leadership Roadmapping

Our strategic leadership planning service guides organizations in developing a clear, forward-looking leadership roadmap. This involves identifying future leadership needs and preparing for seamless transitions, ensuring continuity and resilience in leadership roles. The service ensures that the future leadership is aligned with the evolving goals and challenges of the organization.

Cultural Synergy Discovery

Through our organizational culture assessment, we delve into the heart of your organization to understand and align its culture with leadership practices. This alignment is crucial for fostering an environment that supports strategic objectives, enhances employee engagement, and drives overall organizational success.

Performance Excellence Cultivation

Our performance management consulting service focuses on optimizing leadership effectiveness and boosting organizational productivity. We evaluate and enhance performance management systems, integrating best practices that align with organizational goals, ensuring that leadership actions translate into measurable outcomes.

Governance and Leadership Mastery Development

This service provides comprehensive training for board members and leaders, enhancing their skills in strategic decision-making and effective governance. The training is designed to strengthen the leadership framework of the organization, ensuring that leaders are equipped to navigate complex challenges and contribute to organizational success.

Our Diverse Experience

We have collaborated with over hundreds organizations, each benefiting from our tailored services in the realm of Executive, Leadership, and Board Development.

Our Collaborative Leadership Approach

You don’t have to navigate the path to exceptional leadership alone. We’re your experienced partners. Our team, consisting of seasoned executives, collaborates closely with your organization. Together, we analyze your leadership and board development needs, fine-tune requirements, and remove barriers. We ensure a comprehensive process for enhancing leadership and board effectiveness.

Our Commitment

We believe that every organization, leader, and board is a work in progress. Mistakes are stepping stones to improvement, and challenges are opportunities for growth. Together, we learn, adapt, and emerge stronger.

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Cultivating Excellence in Leadership and Governance

Imagine a future where your organization thrives under the guidance of exceptional leaders and a dynamic board. With Innivee Strategies, this vision is within reach.

Innivee Strategies envisions a future where every leader and board excels beyond their potential. We believe in the possibilities, and we understand the profound impact leadership can have on your organization and community. Our mission is to be your trusted partner, working closely with you, guiding you through the journey of leadership development and board enhancement, bringing your organization closer to its core mission and community values.

Headshot of Raphy Domingo
Raphy Domingo
Co-Founder and Former Board member
Philippine Federation of the Deaf

Legislative Leap: PFD’s Progress

Shane Feldman provided exceptional Board governance and strategic planning training for one week in the Philippine Federation of the Deaf (PFD) under the Discovering Deaf Worlds USAID Grant. The information that he provided was invaluable for all of our members. Most importantly, he conveyed it in a very clear manner through examples and visuals. This training was part of a dynamic learning experience that was critical to the development of long term plans that led to the successful passage of new legislation by the PFD.

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