A group of professionals poses in business attire before the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge, set against a clear blue sky. The iconic Art Deco architecture and surrounding greenery frame their diverse and cheerful gathering.

Celebrating the First Louisiana Deaf Leadership Development Program

In a milestone for the Louisiana Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing community, the Louisiana Commission for the Deaf (LCD) recently concluded its inaugural Louisiana Deaf Leadership Development Program (LD2). This groundbreaking initiative, developed and led by Innivee Strategies in collaboration with the LCD, provided emerging leaders and advocates with the knowledge and tools necessary to drive positive change within their professional careers, community organizing, organizational leadership, and state-wide initiatives. Let’s celebrate the achievements, lessons learned, and the profound impact of LD2 on Louisiana’s leadership landscape.

A Ten-Month Journey:
Over the course of the ten-month program, LD2 participants embarked on a journey of personal and professional growth. The cohort learned about leadership topics related to technical and adaptive leadership, empathy and emotional intelligence, how to create a shared vision, creating movements for change, and more. 

LD2 is more than just a leadership program; it is a platform for self-discovery, learning, and empowerment. Through hands-on and engaging workshops, thought-provoking discussions, and collaborative projects, participants gained valuable insights into their leadership styles, strengths, and areas for growth. By fostering introspection and curiosity, the lessons learned during LD2 will continue to resonate long after the program’s conclusion.

Building a Supportive Community:
Central to LD2’s success was the sense of community and camaraderie fostered among participants. United by a shared passion for advocacy and leadership, individuals from diverse backgrounds came together to support and learn from one another. Equipped with newfound skills, knowledge, and a strong support network, participants are poised to make a lasting impact on their communities and beyond.

At the closing ceremony, attended by community leaders and state government officials, participants had the opportunity to share some of their key takeaways from the program, including:

  • Leadership extends beyond titles to active engagement and challenging established norms.
  • True leadership means embracing uncertainties and acknowledging our shared human vulnerabilities.
  • Leadership isn’t knowing everything; rather, it’s accepting that you always will have much more to learn.

We wish to commend the remarkable individuals and groups who have contributed to LD2’s success, including the Louisiana Commission for the Deaf, the Bureau of Family Health. The Innivee Strategies team looks forward to the continued advancement of Deaf and Hard of Hearing leadership in Louisiana!

If you are a Deaf, DeafBlind, or Hard of Hearing individual in Louisiana and wish to participate in a the next leadership development program, please complete this form: https://forms.gle/onVV6it2YJb43Uys5 

Elevate Leadership in Your Organization and Community:
The LD2 Program was a transformative experience for Louisiana and the members of their first cohort. We invite you to partner with us to foster inclusive, impactful leadership within your organization and community. Learn more about Innivee Strategies leadership development services at: https://inniveestrategies.com/leadership-development/ 

Let’s work together to inspire leaders who will drive positive changes in our community!