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We specialize in executive search services focused on integrity and transparency. Our expertise in recruiting leaders for Education, Non-Profit, and Government sectors extends to serving diverse communities, including the Deaf, hard of hearing, blind, and disability. Our goal is to provide impactful leadership for lasting success and inclusivity in your organization.

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We connect exceptional leaders with your organization's mission and culture.

Executive and Leadership Search service process

Our executive search services focus on identifying leaders who drive lasting change. We conduct organizational assessments, develop leader profiles, and use rigorous validation processes.

Central to our method is finding consensus among constituents on key leadership traits and ensuring a bias-minimized review process. This approach aligns leaders with the community and organization’s core values for transformative impact.

Organizational Assessment

We begin by understanding your organization. This involves in-depth discussions with key constituents and a review of organizational information to grasp your operational, cultural, and leadership needs. This ensures our search aligns with your expectations and goals.

Position Profile

We collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive profile describing the desired leader that will guide your organization through its opportunities and challenges. This helps attract candidates who are aligned with the position and your organization's ethos

Research Strategy

Our approach is tailored to your specific community. We design a process that prioritizes various criteria and sourcing techniques, leverage our extensive network and expertise to identify and attract the best candidates, ensuring a diverse and qualified pool.

Strategy Execution

Thoughtful execution of the search strategy is essential for successful search outcomes. We proactively engage potential candidates, build awareness within the community and professional networks, and ensure a wide-reaching and impactful search.

Search Committee Development

We support the formation of their board and/or search committee. Our guidance establishes processes and criteria that generates support and builds confidence in the board and/or committee’s decisions.

Interviews & Assessment

Our interview process is thorough and data-driven. We employ best practices to evaluate candidates' competencies, cultural fit, and alignment with the role's requirements. Our work is focused on generating informed and consensus-focused decision-making.

Profile Validation

We conduct reference checks and background verifications to confirm candidates' credentials and experiences, providing you with a clear and honest assessment.

Executive Transition

We identify key areas of focus before the leader assumes their role. This preparation is essential to position the newly hired leader to build key relationships from the outset and tackle challenges.

Our Diverse Experience

94% success rate across 30+ clients, our services span state agencies, schools, government entities, and private organizations.

Our Proactive Talent Engagement

Our approach combines thoughtful analysis of leadership needs with proactive personal outreach. We collaborate with clients to refine the essential requirements, avoiding unnecessary barriers that might exclude ideal candidates. By targeting both active job seekers and those not actively looking, we ensure a comprehensive search for the ideal leadership fit for your organization.

Our Commitment

Our Executive and Leadership Search services are distinguished by our deep commitment to cultural competence, investment in leader’s development, and our involvement in the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, Visually Impaired, and disability communities.

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Explore leadership roles in diverse sectors with Innivee Strategies. Browse our listings of executive positions we’re actively recruiting for.

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Envisioning Exceptional Leadership?

Envision a future where your organization is led by transformative leaders — where the challenges of finding the right executive become opportunities for organizational growth and innovation.

Innivee Strategies envisions this future as not just a possibility, but an exciting, achievable goal. We understand the aspirations you hold, and the impact you hope that your executive search has on your community. We work with you to navigate the executive and leadership search process, and connect you with leaders who can can bring your organization closer to its mission and vision.

Headshot of Dr. Ernest Garrett III
Dr. Ernest Garrett III
Louisiana Special School District (SSD)

Adaptive Leadership Success

Throughout the search process for the Director of the Louisiana School for the Deaf, Shane Feldman was at the forefront, offering a dynamic recruitment blueprint supported by a sound organizational assessment and a strategic communication plan. Shane worked closely with my organization to understand the unique culture of our system. Based on that evaluation, he conducted an extensive nationwide search that led to the recommendation of several qualified candidates. A local selection committee also evaluated the candidates. However, just as we were nearing the final stage of the process, the Coronavirus forced us to close our campus. Shane quickly adapted to this unprecedented situation. We were able to set up a virtual town hall meeting, allowing stakeholders to share their concerns and ask questions of the finalists. I was very pleased with Shane’s recommendations and enjoyed the opportunity to interview these dedicated educators.

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