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AASD Announces Superintendent Search Committee Formation

The Atlanta Area School for the Deaf (AASD) Superintendent search has begun and the search committee has been established. The search committee includes members of the AASD community including parents, students, teachers, and alumni. Our search committee members are volunteering their time, and we wish to recognize and thank them for their involvement.

The AASD Superintendent search committee members are:

Innivee Strategies is partnering with the Georgia Department of Education to search for the next AASD Superintendent. Over the past few weeks, Innivee Strategies has distributed a survey and hosted several focus groups with AASD community members to learn about the characteristics that they wish to see in the AASD Superintendent leader profile. This desired leader profile will be a key document that guides the screening and interview process.

If you have questions about the search process or if you have recommendations for AASD Superintendent candidates, please contact Innivee Strategies at [email protected].

Thank you to community members for a great turnout in responses on the survey. Keep an eye on AASD emails and social media for more information soon.

About the Georgia Department of Education

The Georgia Department of Education oversees public education throughout the state, ensuring that laws and regulations pertaining to education are followed and that state and federal money appropriated for education is properly allocated to local school systems. The department also informs parents, teachers, government officials, and the media of education-related news.

About the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf

Atlanta Area School for the Deaf is a day school serving over 170 deaf/hard of hearing children ages 3 – 21 in the metro Atlanta area and beyond. AASD’s mission is to provide a language-rich, student-centered learning environment through America Sign Language and English for the purpose of empowering our students to live independent, fulfilling lives and to become productive, contributing members of society.

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