Alaska State School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Alaska School for the Deaf Announces Director Search, Selects Innivee Strategies to Lead

The Alaska School for the Deaf (AKSD) has announced its search process for a new Director to replace Ann Curry who departed her role in August 2020. We want to express our deepest gratitude to Ann for her incredible work with our school. The Anchorage School District, which oversees the Alaska School for the Deaf, has selected Innivee Strategies to support its search for the next leader for its school.

The nationwide AKSD Director search process will seek a highly qualified and inspiring leader to bring the school toward the AKSD community vision including students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders. The Anchorage School District (ASD), AKSD and Innivee Strategies will collaborate to define the search and selection process and communicate this information with the AKSD community, and Deaf education leaders and professionals.

Tarlesha Wayne, Senior Director of Special Education at Anchorage School District, said “The Alaska School for the Deaf Director is crucial in defining and leading the school’s strategic direction. Equally as important is for the Director to build a culture that values and incorporates the American Sign Language and English educational philosophy. The Anchorage School District strongly encourages highly qualified and transformational leaders to apply for our unique opportunity and we are excited about supporting our new Director’s success.”

“We are delighted and honored to lead the search for the next Alaska School for the Deaf Director,” said Shane Feldman, CEO of Innivee Strategies. “It is our goal to make education leaders aware of this opportunity to inspire a close-knit community to continue to exceed expectations in developing Alaska’s Deaf and hard of hearing students. We look forward to working with the Anchorage School District to design and carry out a search process that values the insight and input from community stakeholders.”

The Alaska School for the Deaf and Innivee Strategies will communicate with the school’s stakeholders about the next steps in the search process. We look forward to working with the Alaska community on the process of selecting its next director.

Please watch for updates about the Alaska School for the Deaf Director search process at the Innivee Strategies website and social media pages at, and the Alaska School for the Deaf webpage and social media pages at:

Contact Innivee Strategies at [email protected] with inquiries related to the position.

About Alaska State School for Deaf & Sensory Services
The Alaska State School for Deaf & Sensory Services provides pre-k through 12th-grade educational options for deaf and hard of hearing students that fosters and supports the development of both American Sign Language and English. This learning model enables each student to acquire and effectively use the life and knowledge skills necessary to achieve his or her own personal, academic, social, and vocational goals; and by so doing make significant contributions to society in general, and to the deaf community in particular.

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