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Alaska School for the Deaf Director Prospectus Posted – Now Accepting Applications

The Anchorage School District announced the Alaska School for the Deaf and Sensory Services Director prospectus, which includes the job description, leadership profile, and school profile has been posted at the following link:

AKSD Director Search Prospectus

We wish to share our gratitude to the AKSD community and stakeholders for responding to the leadership profile survey and sharing their insight on the ideal competencies and characteristics for the future AKSD Director. The information produced from the survey is reflected in the AKSD leadership profile section of the announcement.

If you know of a leader who is an ideal candidate for the role, please share this information with them. If you are interested in the position, please apply by submitting your cover letter and resume to [email protected].

All materials submitted as part of the Director’s application will be confidential and shared only with those involved in the search process. After applications have been received and screening interviews conducted by the consulting firm, Innivee Strategies, Inc., the names of the qualified candidates will be presented to the AKSD Search Committee. The AKSD Search Committee will conduct its interviews with the selected candidates. Then the search committee will present the recommended finalist candidates to the Anchorage School District Senior Director of Special Education for final interviews and selection.

Deadline: The position is open until filled.

AKSD Search Committee Announced

The AKSD Director Search Committee has been selected and will lead the interviews and provide the recommended AKSD Director finalists to the Anchorage School District. The AKSD Director search committee members are:

  • Clara Baldwin
  • Mandy Cleveland
  • Mahala Coker
  • Jennifer Gates
  • Natasha Hill
  • Johanna Lucht
  • Sharon Miranda
  • Eve Ooten
  • Sean Schramsky

We appreciate their time in supporting the AKSD Director search process. If you wish to learn more about these individuals please click here:

The AKSD Director Search Committee members will uphold the following responsibilities:

  • Participation in and completion of search committee training
  • Participation in periodic meetings
  • Provide input and feedback on the recruitment and outreach strategy
  • Develop screening and interview rubrics
  • Identify applicants to be invited for interviews
  • Participate in interviews with candidates
  • Provide input and feedback on interviewed candidates
  • Decide on finalists
  • Recommend finalist

If you wish to contact the AKSD Director search process or share information with the search committee, please contact [email protected].