A call-to-action graphic that invites applications for the position of Executive Director at the Louisiana School for the Deaf. It includes the deadline for applications, June 9, 2023, and prompts viewers to "Apply Today!" The graphic features images of children, an eagle, and the logos of the Louisiana Special School District and Innivee Strategies, against a background of vibrant colors.

Innivee Strategies to Support Louisiana School for the Deaf in Executive Director Search

The Louisiana Special School District (SSD) and Louisiana School for the Deaf (LSD) have partnered with Innivee Strategies, a deaf-led consulting firm, to lead the search for a new LSD Executive Director. LSD understands the critical role that exceptional leadership plays in fostering the success of its students, families, teachers and staff. LSD looks forward to working with Innivee Strategies and the LSD community to identify a new Executive Director that will lead our school to new heights.

“We encourage the LSD community to actively engage through the upcoming search process. Your perspective and input will be instrumental in shaping the search and the selection of a leader who aligns with our values and goals. We have assembled a search committee who represent the following groups within the LSD school community: teachers, alumni, parents, myself, and students.” said David Martin, Louisiana Special School District (SSD) Superintendent.

The first round of interviews will take place in late June. The LSD Executive Director finalists visit is scheduled for Thursday, July 13. The finalist process will include an opportunity for the finalists to present their vision for their leadership of the school to the community during the evening of Thursday, July 13. More information about the finalist process will be shared closer to the event. The school community is encouraged to hold this date to participate in the finalist on-site visit. Those who cannot attend in person will have the opportunity to participate in the finalist visit virtually through a livestream.

“Innivee Strategies is thrilled to work together with the Louisiana School for the Deaf and the LSD community. We invite the LSD to participate in the process by participating in the search process at the community forum, by following the search process, and by participating in the finalist on site visit process,” said Innivee Strategies CEO, Shane Feldman.

SSD is currently accepting applications for the LSD Executive Director position through Friday, June 9, 2023. If you are interested in the role or if you know of someone who would be interested, please contact [email protected]

Please watch for the LSD Executive Director search updates through LSD and Innivee Strategies’ social media accounts. You can also follow the SSD webpage dedicated to the LSD Executive Director search at: #

LSD Executive Director prospectus (English, PDF): https://tinyurl.com/LSDExecutiveDirectorPDF

LSD Executive Director prospectus (English, MS Word): https://tinyurl.com/LSDExecutiveDirectorDOC

LSD Executive Director prospectus (ASL): https://tinyurl.com/LSDExecutiveDirectorASL

About the Louisiana Special School District

Encouraged by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and the State Superintendent of Education, SSD is in the midst of a process of inspection, reflection, and re-dedication to the success of the students and families we serve. This initiative ensures no child with a low-incidence disability will be without an equitable opportunity to learn, nor will they be excluded from the opportunity to a life that has quality and reward.

The SSD believes every student with a low-incidence disability deserves all the support we can provide. We have confidence that our district will achieve excellence through the hard work and dedication that each of those students, as well as parents, employees, advocates, and community partners will put forth. Through the goals and priorities we have set forth in our Strategic Plan, together we will begin to build innovative partnerships, ensure excellence schools and programs, and provide unified support services. To learn more about SSD, visit: https://www.ssdofla.org/home

About the Louisiana School for the Deaf

LSD, which was established in 1852, has provided excellence in education for over 170 years. We serve approximately 400 deaf or hard of hearing children and their families, making us one of the major schools for the deaf in the nation. At LSD. . . “Kids Come First.” This guides our decision-making process as we deal with the challenges residential schools for the deaf face today. Our teachers, student life staff, maintenance workers, office support staff and management team have adopted and actively promote this approach to providing quality service to our students. To learn more about LSD, visit: https://www.ssdofla.org/schools___programs/louisiana_school_for_the_deaf

About Innivee Strategies, Inc.

Innivee Strategies, Inc. is an organizational and leadership development company. We believe that communities are only as strong as the organizations that serve them. We consult with organizations and leaders to create and achieve goals, manage change, obtain and utilize data, cultivate community buy-in, and nurture and retain inspiring and transformative leaders.