Louisiana School for the Deaf

Louisiana Special School District Selects Innivee Strategies to Lead Louisiana School for the Deaf Director Search

The Louisiana Special School District (SSD) has selected Innivee Strategies to support its search for the next leader for the Louisiana School for the Deaf (LSD).

The nationwide LSD Director search process will seek a highly qualified and inspiring leader to bring the school toward the vision held by the SSD and the LSD community including students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders.

During this time Louisiana SSD and Innivee Strategies will collaborate to define the search and selection process and then communicate this information with the LSD community, and Deaf education leaders and professionals nationwide. Please watch for updates from the Louisiana SSD at # and on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ssdlouisiana/.

We will communicate with LSD stakeholders when new information is available. We look forward to working with the LSD community in making this important decision on the leader that will set the course for the future of your school.

Click here to view the LSD Director Position Description and instructions on how to apply.

Contact Innivee Strategies to apply for the position or with inquiries related to the position.