Michigan School for the Deaf and Innivee Strategies Announce Search for New Head of School

The Michigan School for the Deaf is excited to announce a partnership with Innivee Strategies, a prominent Deaf-led leadership and organizational development firm, to lead the search for a new Head of School.

Renowned for their expertise in Deaf-led leadership and organizational development, Innivee Strategies will bring their experience to this critical recruitment effort. Their impressive history of successful searches for organizations and educational institutions makes them exceptionally qualified to find the perfect Head of School for Michigan School for the Deaf.

“We are grateful for Innivee Strategies’ support as we strive to better serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community at the Michigan School for the Deaf,” said Rebecca McIntyre, Assistant Director, Office of Special Education, Michigan Department of Education. “We eagerly anticipate welcoming a visionary leader who will drive innovation, promote inclusive education, and highlight the unique talents of our students.”

“Innivee Strategies is honored to work with Michigan School for the Deaf to engage the school and its staff, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and community in coming together to identify the leader who will set the direction of the future for the school,” said Shane Feldman, CEO of Innivee Strategies. “The chosen candidate will be instrumental in serving the diverse needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community and advancing the school’s mission.”

Stay tuned for updates on this position by following the Michigan School for the Deaf and Innivee Strategies on social media.

About Michigan School for the Deaf

Michigan School for the Deaf (MSD) is a bilingual school, with a residential component, for students who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH). MSD provides a language rich environment in the least restrictive environment for students who are DHH, guaranteeing each student a free appropriate public education (FAPE). MSD ensures academic and social excellence – rich in ASL and English literacy for all students from infancy to graduation. An American Sign Language (ASL)/English bilingual approach is used to support the acquisition, development, and use of ASL and English. Students are placed at MSD through the individualized education program (IEP) process by their resident school district and either attend school as a day student or live residentially. All students are transported to MSD by their local school districts. Students whose families choose for them to live residentially through the week are immersed in deaf culture and participate in student life opportunities to develop self-advocacy, personal growth, leadership, and teamwork. MSD staff work collectively to empower students with a positive deaf identity so when they graduate from MSD each student will possess knowledge, confidence, and leadership to become contributing citizens in a diverse, technological, and democratic society.

About Innivee Strategies, Inc.

Innivee Strategies, Inc. provides organizations with systemic frameworks that enable them to build a strong strategic direction toward their desired vision. We engage leaders and stakeholders in collaborating together to choose the best governance model, set leadership, staff, and volunteer expectations, align and optimize resources, and manage change. Innivee Strategies is a leading search firm in the recruitment and placement of executives and leaders of organizations that serve the Deaf and hard of hearing community. Our services also include Effective Governance, Organizational Assessment, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Executive Support Systems, Leadership Development, and Guided Facilitation. Please visit www.innivee.com to learn about our clients and their testimonies about how our services have benefited their organizations.