Nexus Inland Northwest & Innivee Strategies Announce Search for New Executive Director

Innivee Strategies is proud to announce that we are working with Nexus Inland Northwest, based in Spokane, Washington to search for their next Executive Director. We will recruit nonprofit professionals throughout the United States to put together a strong group of applicants for their Board to choose from for the next leader of their organization.

To review the Nexus Inland Northwest Executive Director position description, roles and responsibility, and for instructions on how to apply for the job please visit Follow the Nexus Inland Northwest and Innivee Strategies Facebook pages for updates about this position and to learn about how the search process will be conducted in the coming months.

If you or if you know of someone who is aspiring to become a leader of a nonprofit organization please let them know about the opportunity by sharing the webpage with them. If you wish to communicate with us about the position, please email [email protected].

We are excited about working with the Nexus Board and their community to select the next leader for Nexus.

Click here to view the Nexus Inland Northwest Position Description and instructions on how to apply.

Contact Innivee Strategies to apply for the position or with inquiries related to the position.