A promotional graphic announcing a partnership between Innivee Strategies and CSDB (Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind) for a Superintendent search. It features the logos of both organizations and has a background image of a mountain landscape, which reflects the natural beauty of Colorado.

The Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind & Innivee Strategies Partner on Superintendent Search


The CSDB Board of Trustees has selected Innivee Strategies, Inc. to lead the search for CSDB’s next Superintendent. On Tuesday, May 16 the Innivee Strategies CEO, Shane Feldman, was present during the Board meeting to facilitate our discussion and decision on the best timeline and the optimal strategies to directly engage the students, parents, faculty, staff, community, and constituents from both the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and Blind and visually impaired communities.

The Board reviewed several options for timelines for the Superintendent search. Due to the tremendous importance of including a Blind representative on the board to fully participate in key decisions about the Superintendent search process, the board agreed to a timeline in which the search would begin in July 2023 and conclude by December 2023. This timeline is tentative and contingent on the state approval of a Blind representative on the CSDB board. Once the Blind board member is appointed by the Governor, the CSDB board will release a new update and more detailed timeline.

Innivee Strategies, Inc. is delighted to partner with the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind to support a search process that engages and values the CSDB community and its stakeholders in the search for the school’s next leader. In addition to joining the Board meeting, we had the pleasure of visiting the CSDB campus and school community on Monday, May 15 where we learned about the tremendous need to support the success of their students and staff.

Our team will work closely with the CSDB board to distribute information about the search process including the upcoming opportunities to participate through a survey and focus groups which will help shape the leader profile that will be used to evaluate and select the right leader as the next CSDB Superintendent.

Please follow the search process through the CSDB website at https://csdb.colorado.gov/about-csdb/superintendent-search and the Innivee Strategies’ website at www.innivee.com.

CSDB and Innivee Strategies look forward to the participation and support of the CSDB community in the search for our next Superintendent.

About the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind

The Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB) is a Preschool-12th grade residential school with post-high school education, located just east of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. Today, CSDB serves more than 700 students on campus and statewide. CSDB serves students and their families who are deaf, blind, or both. CSDB also provides outreach services to support students, families, and school districts throughout Colorado and coordinates the Colorado Home Intervention Program (CHIP) that serves deaf and hard of hearing students from birth to three years old within their homes.

About Innivee Strategies, Inc.

Innivee Strategies, Inc. is an organizational and leadership development company. We believe that communities are only as strong as the organizations that serve them. We consult with organizations and leaders to create and achieve goals, manage change, obtain and utilize data, cultivate community buy-in, and nurture and retain inspiring and transformative leaders.