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Iowa Department of Education and Innivee Strategies Launches Search for ISD and IESBVI Superintendent

The Iowa Department of Education is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Innivee Strategies, a Deaf-led leadership and organizational development firm, to lead the search for the next Iowa School for the Deaf (ISD) and Iowa Education Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (IESBVI) Superintendent. The prospectus for the Superintendent role is available as a PDF file (with graphics and images) and as a Microsoft Word document (content only).

Innivee Strategies, a recognized leader in Deaf-led leadership and organizational development,
will bring their extensive expertise to the search process for the ideal candidate. With a proven
track record of successfully guiding searches for various organizations and educational
institutions, Innivee Strategies is uniquely positioned to identify an ISD and IESBVI Superintendent.

The ISD and IESBVI Search Committee will include representatives from staff from each school, parents, alumni, and community members. The members of the search committee are:

  • McKenzie Snow, Director – Department of Education
  • Dr. Deborah Elder, Chief Operations Officer, Ddepartment of Education
  • John Cool, Interim Superintendent
  • Dr. Barb Guy, Director of Special Education, Department of Education
  • Heather Dirks Parent of DeafBlind Child
  • Fletch Kuehne, Parent of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Child
  • Susan MacDonald, Iowa Association of the Deaf President – DHH consumer/professional
  • Mike Hoenig, Commissioner, IESBVI alumni – B/VI consumer/professional
  • Chad Brown, IESBVI staff
  • Marissa Hirschman, IESBVI faculty
  • Stacey Morgan, ISD staff
  • Cody Kerekes, ISD faculty

“Innivee Strategies is honored to collaborate with the Iowa Department of Education to search for the ISD and IESBVI Superintendent. The individual selected for this position will play a vital role in serving as a visionary leader, dedicated to maximizing student success and fostering an inclusive learning environment,” said Shane Feldman, CEO of Innivee Strategies.

“Together with a team representing students and alumni, families, educators, student life, and community stakeholders, we seek a dynamic superintendent committed to educational excellence to serve and lead ISD and IESBVI,” said McKenzie Snow, Director of the Iowa Department of Education. “We thank all community members for their feedback and support in developing the superintendent leadership profile to empower every Blind, Visually Impaired, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind student at IESBVI, ISD, and throughout Iowa.”

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