In this photo, seven professionals, including Shane Feldman, CEO of Innivee Strategies, stand together, symbolizing a collaborative effort regarding the CCCBSD Strategic Plan. They represent a mix of parents, caregivers, staff, administration, and board members, united in advancing their organization's future. Shane, identifiable by his attire and bald head, stands second from the left, highlighting a moment of unity and strategic discussion.

Launching a Strategic Partnership with CCCBSD

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with The Children’s Center for Communication/Beverly School for the Deaf (CCCBSD). This collaboration marks the commencement of a strategic planning initiative aimed at shaping the future of education for students with disabilities.

The Essence of Strategic Planning:
Strategic planning is an integral process through which organizations envision their future and develop clear goals that unite the community behind achieving that future. Innivee Strategie prioritizes inclusion, community engagement, and actionable outcomes. Our strategic approach is designed to align the organization with the community’s needs, guiding organizations such as CCCBSD towards sustainable growth and fostering innovation.

Launching the Initiative:
The partnership kicked off with comprehensive planning sessions involving CCCBSD’s parents, caregivers, staff, and board members. We are working to create a collaborative environment where every perspective is heard and valued, contributing to a shared vision for the organization’s future. For those interested in contributing or learning more about this exciting new venture, please reach out to CCCBSD’s Executive Director, Karen Hopkins, and join us in this strategic journey.

Drawing from Past Successes:
Our commitment to transformative strategic planning is reflected in our previous collaborations with schools such as  the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MECDHH/GBSD), Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HMS), and the New Mexico School for the Deaf (NMSD). These partnerships have led to significant advancements in educational frameworks and community services, demonstrating the effectiveness of our collaborative approach.

For more insights into our process and past successes, visit our Strategic Planning webpage: