A group picture featuring Shane Feldman and staff at Horace Mann School, in front of the Horace Mann School poster with the partner cat mascot.

Shaping the Future of Horace Mann School for the Deaf

Innivee Strategies collaborated with the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HMS) based in Boston, MA to develop a strategic plan designed to address the evolving needs of its school through a meticulous process. The decision to partner with Innivee was underpinned by our expertise in strategic planning and consulting, as well as our strong commitment to organizational and leadership development.

Key Outcomes

  • Collaborative Framework: Our partnership with HMS was rooted in mutual respect, ensuring an ambitious and actionable strategic vision.
  • Strategy Formulation: Our combined efforts resulted in a roadmap that will guide HMS toward a shift in its strategic direction.

Our Hands-on Approach
True to our ethos, we didn’t sit in a boardroom with a small group of leaders to decide the school’s future. We engaged deeply, traveling to HMS to conduct in-person sessions and truly grasp the essence of the school and its community. Our discussions spanned students, families, members of the Boston Public School District, and teachers.

HMS: A Vibrant Future
In a nutshell, HMS is revitalizing its approach to education and its students. Families and caregivers are at the forefront, celebrated for their diversity. The school seeks to be their child’s greatest ally in addition to their families and caregivers. HMS is determined to be the primary destination for Deaf education through its collaboration with Boston Public Schools and the community.

And they’re not stopping at academics; HMS is ambitiously expanding its athletic programs, career preparations, and a plethora of engaging activities for all learners. Their aspiration is not just to be a school but to evolve into a community hub. With this rejuvenated strategy, the HMS team is rolling up their sleeves, ready to transform their plan into a tangible reality!

The Impact: Crafting the Roadmap for Success
Through rigorous strategic planning processes and an inclusive approach, our collaboration led to a refined vision for HMS, emphasizing its role as a leading institution for Deaf learners and Dual Language education. The set strategic priorities underscore the school’s ambitions while catering to the evolving needs of its community. Moreover, our emphasis on board governance and executive evaluations ensures HMS’s leadership is aligned with its objectives, working cohesively towards its mission.

The outcome of our collaboration is more than just a plan on paper. It’s a roadmap for HMS’s future, backed by actionable steps and a commitment to excellence. Our tailored services ensure that HMS is not only poised for future challenges but is equipped to evolve and innovate, continuing its legacy of excellence in education.

HMS strategic priorities

Strategic Planning Priority #1: Family Engagement
Implement programming and resources that center HMS families, the intersectionality and diversity they bring, and empowers them to be their child’s best allies.

Strategic Planning Priority #2: Partnerships & Presence
Establish HMS as the primary Dual Language resource for all Deaf students through strengthened partnerships with Boston Public Schools and families, educators, administrators, and community members.

Strategic Planning Priority #3: Enrichment & Extracurriculars
Expand HMS’ athletics, career preparation, and peer-to-peer activities to enrich all learners, becoming a hub for the greater Boston community.

For detailed insights into our planning efforts and our dedication to transparency, please visit the dedicated HMS Strategic Plan webpage. For a look back at our initial strategic planning announcement, refer to Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Announces Strategic Plan Initiative with Innivee Strategies.

Our core belief at Innivee Strategies is that communities thrive when supported by robust organizations. Our collaboration with HMS stands as a testament to this conviction, and we remain unwavering in our commitment to driving transformative change.

Looking Ahead
As HMS embarks on its next chapter, we send forth our congratulations! For organizations and institutions seeking a devoted partner in organizational and leadership development or strategic planning, we invite you to explore the shared solutions Innivee Strategies has to offer at www.innivee.com.

Reach out to us, and let’s envision and plan for your success together.